Etsy Rockstars Set to Launch April 1

We are SO excited to announce Etsy Rockstars, your backstage pass to success! This subscription based group will teach you how to grow your Etsy shop, increase your views and amplify your sales! 

Our experts are on hand to answer your questions regarding Product Photography, Time Management, Graphic Design, Social Media, SEO, Craft Shows and more! 

We will also have live trainings, workshops, and teams, as well as keeping you up to date on any changes Etsy is making. 

You word hard to create your product, and we want you to be successful. Our subscription plan is monthly, and you can opt out at anytime, but we think you will stick around :)

Come join a group of passionate, positive, uplifting makers who all have the same goal - to be an Etsy Rockstar!




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