Does it Really Work?


  I actually started my Etsy Journey in 2015, but I had no idea about SEO or what my titles and tags actually did. I sold 1 or 2 things here and there, but it was pretty few and far between. Shortly after starting, I had to have a big surgery, and it was a long recovery process. Fast forward to 2017...I really wanted to make this work! I wanted sales and I wanted people to buy my stuff! I honestly can't even remember how I came upon the "how to rock your shop" group, but the first video I watched was the titles and tags video (before it was moved to the subscription group), I immediately started implementing the advice given my Christy in the video and saw increased sales after just a few days! After about a month in the free group, I joined Rockstars, and I have learned so much more! I went on vacation for 10 days and came back to over 24 orders waiting to be filled! 

We feel so blessed that our dreams are finally starting to come true, and hoping that one day, we will be able to do this mostly full time! I'm so thankful that I found this group! It's not only a great place to learn, but an amazing little community of support! ❤️ - Tiffani W



"Joining rockstars was the best thing to ever happen to my shop! In 6 months with the help of Christy Lyn Winfrey my shop went from zero to hero! What are you waiting for??" - Vanessa O.



When I nervously joined Rockstars at the beginning of May, my shop had been open for 9 months at the time with only 19 sales, 75% of which were from family & friends. I wondered if $10 a month was a good investment for a shop that wasn't even making $10 a month. After joining I learned SO. MANY. THINGS! I knew absolutely nothing about SEO, keywords, tags, titles, etc. With Christy Lyn Winfrey's extremely detailed & constructive review of my shop and ongoing education through her live videos I have been improving my titles & tags and the results have been wonderful! In the 3 months I've been a Rockstar I have doubled my sales and tripled the amount of views I get daily. In these last three months I have now had 22 sales, more than the 19 I had in the previous 9 months, and on the flip side, 75% organic sales over family! I continue to receive a ton of inspiration and knowledge from this awesome group. I love the support we get here, it gives me drive & new life on a daily basis to keep improving & expanding not just the logistics of my shop but my products as well. Words cannot express the thankfulness I feel for Christy's selfless & seemingly tireless work in forming this great group! I am looking so forward to my future as well as my shop's! 💚 - Jennifer S



I've always been told I should *do* something with my painting.. its long been a dream but I never believed I could, also a worry wether I could manage due to health issues. After working 12 years in admin jobs I took the plunge full time Nov16.. (MEGA scary) 
I have re done tags & titles a million times...used easy rank marmalead you name you can see from my stats they were actually going DOWN...REALLY?!!
Then I joined rockstars in May..took everything in and every day make improvements... and the proof is in the pudding just look at it now!! 
What a fantastic job Christy does and what a positive supportive group.
It gets very lonely working from home..alone.. on your own business and this group is full of lovely people. I don't want to go back..I want to build a life doing what I love. so I will keep working & helping others if I can  Thank you xx - Lianne M


Being taught the greatest tips and techniques by your best friend Christy Lyn Winfrey, who will tell you what needs to be fixed and applauds when you do things correct.She has our backs. I see this when our members post their victories after they fixed what needed fixin and Cha-Chings followed. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite nights now.  Also our teams.  - Marilu O


 Rockstars is the best group by far. So much support and encouragement is given. Criticism is given constructively so you don't feel like a failure. Questions you may feel are dumb are answered in such a way that you're glad you asked. I've been on other groups that have been rude and even kicked out of one for posting my shop link and asking for advice about pics and presentation. This group wants to see your shop and give advice. That is above and beyond any other group I've encountered. And Christy is the greatest. I have much respect for her doing all that she does for this group, the rock your shop group, and us as individuals all while holding down her own shop and family. I know she doesn't feel or like being called my guru, but she truly is. And if she doesn't know the answer to a question, she finds out in a timely fashion. I am proud to say I'm a Rockstar. - Lisa S 

 Wonderful support from people who understand what you are going through in building a business. Learning SEO for Etsy. Learning from someone who stays up to date with what is going on at Etsy. And sooooooo much more!  - Sheila P

When something is good you gotta say it. I have had my etsy store since 2015, i don't think i did much to it that year lol in 2016 i had 21 orders :) at the beginning of the year i found this group and started working on everything Christy Lyn Winfrey shared with us, i retook my pictures (and i keep doing that), i changed my titles (because when i started i had no clue about all that!!), i researched keywords and what the customers were searching, i keep doing that as of today and switch my titles around. I can tell you in three months i have seen a tremendous change!! views went up , they are still low but the main things is they are followed with sales! In three months i almost have as many sales as the whole year 2016. Everytime i hear the famous cha-ching i praise the Lord and thank Him for guiding me to this group. So if you're new to the group i want to say don't give up, keep working at it, your hard work will pay off. Everytime i ask a question in this group i get great answers, genuine honest answers and help so thank you Christy Lyn Winfrey and admins and members. Okay it was the shout out of the day so now back to work i have some orders to make (thank you to this group lol)! Keep the good work - Magali R


I think SEO has been the single biggest hurdle in making my shop a success. If there is one person who knows how to do it right it is Christy. Not only did she deliver my order to my inbox precisely on the estimated date, but she was friendly, knowledgeable and just a DREAM to work with! I recommend her to anyone looking for these services. When you work with Christy she makes all your worries go away. - Jennifer S